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We sell hydraulic pumps which are made to be used only on hte hydraulic system of the trucks. If they are used for other purpose, MAN Service LTD does not commit to a warranty period.

The warranty is void for goods for which we have not received payment!

The warranty period for the goods we sell is 6 (six) months from the date of the purchase. When the customer sends back the product, the invoice for this product has to be involved in the package. It is an obligatory condition upon receipt of the products to be in good transport condition, without oil leaks, etc. The goods can be returned to the company's office in person or by courier to: Sofia, Botevgradsko shose blvd., Ekont office “VAS METAL”, recipient's phone: +359886 441 442. The transport costs are at the expense of the Client and are not reimbursed. Shipments sent by cash on delivery are not accepted. After receiving the returned goods and reviewing them (information about which will be sent by e-mail or phone), the value excluding transport costs is refunded to the customer - in cash or by bank within 14 / fourteen / days. Goods whose return / complaint cannot be accepted (eg: if it is sent after the specified time, if it is not accompanied by an invoice, if it is visibly bad) will be sent back to the Customer at his expense. If for some reason the Client has made a mistake and has indicated another product of what he wanted and has not found his mistake before sending the order, he can contact the company's office to decide how to proceed. Each case is considered individually. The costs for returning the product and sending a new application are at the expense of the Client. If the new order is at a higher price, the difference is paid extra. The supplier has the right to refuse the return of the product at its discretion if the circumstances require it. Any product that does not correspond to the one ordered by the Customer is subject to complaint. The customer may refuse it upon receipt by the courier and not accept it from him. In case of obvious discrepancy of the received goods with the ordered one, contact us immediately on one of the announced phones. The discrepancy is checked by the name of the product in the application and the name of the product received by the Client. Upon detection of such an error, the Customer returns the product at the expense of the Provider who sends the correct one. Goods for which the Customer has been warned in advance of non-conformity or defect are not subject to complaint. If upon receipt of the goods, it is damaged or torn packaging, the complaint will be accepted only in the presence of the courier at the time of receipt of the goods. In this case, contact us immediately by phone or make a complaint to the courier. The complaint is certified by an entry in the bill of lading from the consignee at the time of receipt of the shipment. Complaints related to mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only on the basis of a complaint protocol prepared in the presence of the courier. In case of visible damage to the consignment at the time of its delivery, a statement of findings shall be prepared (in two identical copies), in which the ascertained condition of the consignment and its packaging shall be described. In this case, the Customer may refuse to receive the shipment or take it at his own risk. In case the Client accepts such a shipment and does not present his claims to the courier, upon receipt it the responsibility for the complaint is transferred to the courier who delivered the shipment to the Client. In such circumstances, the conditions for claiming shipments of the respective courier company apply. Upon filing a claim during the warranty period, from the date of purchase in compliance with all conditions of the store and all applicable legal provisions, the Customer may claim a refund of the paid amount, to replace the goods with another or to deduct from the price. All costs incurred by the client for the receipt and return of the purchased goods, commissions to banks and other costs beyond the amount of the value are at the expense of the client. A person who is a third party upon receipt of the shipment and is not the main payer of the shipment is not entitled to a complaint. When purchasing goods with a longer warranty period, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system must be replaced with a new one every 6 months.


Complaints are handled in the order described below. Filling in a return / complaint form with a detailed statement of the reasons for the return / complaint. After receiving the form, the Provider returns a response to the Client to a valid e-mail address. The Provider reserves the right not to accept the Client's statement if it considers that its grounds for return / complaint are unfounded or a consequence of improper use by the Client. In case it is not clear from the received form about the reasons for the submitted complaint, the supplier shall notify the Client of his rights in an appropriate manner /telephone or valid e-mail/. The customer returns the purchased product in a way convenient for him and at his expense to the office of the company. It is important that the shipments are well packed. A statement of findings is drawn up for each product returned with a complaint and after review an opinion is filled in with acceptance or rejection of the complaint. The term for which the Provider must issue an opinion to the Client is - up to 10 / ten / days after filing a complaint. After drawing up the statement of findings and accepting the complaint as justified, the Provider notifies the Client by phone or e-mail and takes the following actions to service the complaint:

1. Sends to the Client a new product of the same type at his own expense

2. In case the same product is not in stock, the provider offers options for choosing another product of the same value or with the same functions

3. In case a product corresponding to the elements from the previous point cannot be provided, the supplier shall reimburse the value of the Client in the legally established order. Upon rejection of the complaint and completed statement of findings, the Provider notifies the Customer of its opinion by sending a copy of the statement of findings to the e-mail address specified by the Customer. The customer notifies the supplier by phone or e-mail for further action on the complaint product. Upon request for return receipt, the product and the statement of findings are sent to the Customer in a convenient way for him, and the costs of receipt are at his expense.

4. The Provider has thirty days to establish the defect, to decide on the acceptance / rejection of the complaint, and in this period is not responsible for damages to the customer. If the customer wants to continue working immediately with a new product, he should pay for it and this should be considered as another transaction with a new warranty period and conditions.

5. If within 10 / ten / days after the notification, the Customer does not look for his goods, the Supplier reserves the right to dispose of the goods as he wants and does not owe any amounts, both the value of products and costs incurred for them at the original owner.

6. IMPORTANT! MAN Service Ltd. is not responsible for damage caused to parts and units outside the hydraulic system due to a defective element of HS provided by us. We are only liable for damages affecting the product you have purchased from us and is being used for its intended purpose.


Complaints about HYVA goods are made only after the part is sent for confirmation to the factory and from there the defect is recognized. If you need a part to replace the defective one, you have to buy it.

It is mandatory to work with a new hydraulic oil with a viscosity: HLP 32 for HYVA products. In order for the warranty to be valid within the above-mentioned period, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system must be changed with a new one every 6 months.


The goods we offer should be installed in a specialized service. Otherwise - the warranty is void!

Axial piston pumps ("Banana" type) are installed on vehicles with crane systems.

* When installing the new pump, the oil system must be cleaned.

* The hydraulic oil must be replaced with a new one of the type HLP-32, or HLP-46.

* Observe all conditions for mounting the pump according to the attached sheme.

* If the pump is to be used for a vehicle with a crane system, it is mandatory that an oil cooling system is available. 

* If the above conditions are not observed - the warranty is void!