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We have an authorized and fully equiped service. We can guarantee high quality of working and we take responsibility for our activities. 

We mount:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Elements for tippers
  • Cranes
  • Hookloaders

MAN Service LTD is an authorized service for mounting, repairment, activating, calibration and checking of all licensed in the country tachographs – digital and analogue.

In our service center can be checked your tachograph.

You get protocol, which certify availability of the tachograph for the inspection people in Bulgaria and abroad.

Services we are offering are:

  • Mounting and checking of analogue tachographs
  • Mounting and checking of digital tachographs
  • Archiving of the information from digital tachograph and driver’s card
  • Issuing Protocol for period checking of tachograph

We have full equipped service.

As an insurance broker, we offer insurance for all kinds of road vehicles, we can inform you about the prices of all companies and give you a choice of pricing and terms.

Through our company you can:

  • Conclude Car Insurance
  • Transfer ownership of your vehicle
  • Make voluntary insurance "Autocasco"
  • In case of insurance, get a Green Card certificate
  • Make insurance "Accident at the places in the vehicle"
  • Conclude Auto Assistance